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How to close your team

Request a Payout or disburse any remaining funds before closing your team

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Note: only the Team Captain and Co-Captains have permission control to close your team

Steps to close your team:

In the following team close process, we'll take you through a few simple steps to help withdraw your team's funds and close your team.

Step 1: Once you're logged in, click on your team name located in the top left corner of the page. This will take you to your Team Dashboard.

Step 2: From here, click on the Settings tab, then on Team Details

Step 3: From the Team Details page, scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you'll see the Close Team section. To start the team closure process, type in the word 'CLOSE'. Once complete, the 'Close Team' button will become red.

close your team

*Please note that you cannot Reopen a team once it's been closed. Closing your team is a permanent action. To continue earning, you can create a new team, join a new team, or continue to earn on your Personal Account.

If you have a remaining balance that hasn't been withdrawn from your team's account, we'll ask you how you want to proceed:

  1. Disburse your Team's funds to the Personal Accounts of those who earned

What happens after my team closes?

Once your team is closed, your team will no longer be able to shop through the team store. You'll continue to have access to your teams' funds along with the Team Close report summary.

Can I continue to earn even after my team closes?

Yes, we've got you covered so you can keep earning for your everyday essential shopping.
1. Create a new team

2. Continue earning on your Personal Account

Other related FAQs:

Can I still shop on my team once it becomes closed?

No, once your team is closed, you and your team members will no longer have access to the store.

My team has less than $100 earned, can I still withdraw or disburse my team's funds?

Yes. However, payouts of less than $100 will exclude FlipGive credits. The available balance will only include the monies earned from shopping. We'll outline very clearly what this includes during your payout process.

What happens to my team's funds after our team deadline has passed? Have they become lost and inaccessible now that my team is closed?

No need to panic, your team worked hard to earn those funds remain yours to keep! Even after your team's deadline has passed, you'll ALWAYS have access to your team's funds. Simply follow the Close process above and get your team's funds.

I'm no longer the Team Captain and would like to transfer ownership to someone else, how do I do that?

To pass on the torch and responsibility of the Team Captain to another member of your team, simply reassign your role.

I want my team off of FlipGive, how do I delete my team?

'Delete' refers to removing the team from FlipGive completely. This means the team will no longer be visible or searchable on the FlipGive website. Sometimes fundraising campaigns are for a single time-use, and that's fine. You'll need to reach out to a member of our Support team listed below to submit this request! If you're looking to delete your FlipGive account and remove all data linked to your account, click here.

Any other questions?

FlipGive's Support team and Team Funding Coaches are always available to help answer any additional questions you might have. Contact us by phone at 1-855-583-2510 or by email at [email protected],

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