How do I create or join a team on FlipGive?

Your team Captain asked you to join the team, here's how!

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We've made joining a team on FlipGive simple! If you've been invited by email, text, or provided with the join code, follow these next simple steps:

  • Click on the join link provided in the invitation you received

  • If you were given the join code only, simply visit, and click on Sign Up. During the signup process, we'll ask you if you're joining a team, where you can enter the code you were provided with.

  • Next, click on 'Join team'

  • Next, you'll be asked to Sign Up and create a FlipGive account

  • Once you've created your account, you'll be asked to select a player on the team your captain set up. If you don't see your player listed, select 'I don't see my player' where you can add your player yourself. If you're not looking to support a specific player and the team itself, select 'I'd like to support team only'.

  • Once you join your team, you'll have 14 days from joining to earn a $5 first shop bonus when you make your first purchase

If you're the team captain/co-captain, watch this quick demo on how to create a team and invite your team members!

Once you've finished the setup, you and your team can start earning immediately!


As a FlipGive Coach who's spoken to hundreds of users, I always encourage users to purchase a digital gift card as a first purchase. Cashback is issued immediately for digital gift cards, so it's a great way to experience the benefits right away. Once you go through the experience yourself, users have always emphasized how much easier it was to explain how FlipGive works.
If you have any other questions or concerns, contact our Support team via phone, email, or chat.

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