Where do I find my team join code?

Looking to join a team and can't find your join code? Ask your team captain!

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Every team has a unique join code that is required to join the team.

Joining a team

If you're joining an existing team you will need to be invited by the team captain or another member who is already on the team. They can send an email invite to you from the website/app or they can share the team join code directly with you.

If you received an email, click on the link in it and follow the instructions to sign up and join the team.

If you received the join code, you can go directly to https://app.flipgive.com/teams/join or download the FlipGive Shop app on your phone's Apple Store/Google Play Store. During the signup process, select 'join a team' and input the join code.

Sharing your join code

If you are already on the team, you can easily share your team join code in one of three ways. First, click on your team name on the top left. Under your Team Settings page, click on the Share team page.

You can share your join code in one of 3 ways

Lastly, share your team's join code to build your roster!

  1. Email - a pre-formatted email with your join code embedded in the link provided is the easiest way to share your team with others. You can edit it as you wish in your own email app.

  2. In-person - a number of helpful downloads such as handouts and posters customized with your join code ready for you to print and distribute.

  3. Copy link - if you wish to share your join code separately you can simply copy it and paste it into whatever app you wish.

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