How do gift cards work?

Learn about the FlipGive Wallet and Redemption details

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Digital gift cards are the quickest and easiest way to maximize your earnings to earn on everyday essentials.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with gift cards:

  • FlipGive is an authorized third-party gift card reseller

  • Gift cards can be printed and redeemed like a physical gift card (**redemption methods may vary by retailer).

  • Gift cards can take 4 hours to deliver (Large orders may take up to 24 hours for delivery).

  • Gift Cards are final sale and to be treated as cash and are non-refundable

  • Gift cards that are purchased with the Gifting option to a recipient will not be shown in your FlipGive wallet

  • You cannot have multiple gift card recipients within the same transaction. This means, that if the gift card minimum quantity is 2x$25, you cannot send one to a recipient and the other to a different recipient

  • You will always be sent a digital receipt from your gift card transaction to the email linked to your FlipGive account detailing the retailer, the amount, and the last 4 digits of your cc used as payment.

  • The balances on reloadable gift cards are auto-updated every time you open the gift card in your FlipGive Wallet. All other balances on gift cards need to be manually updated upon each usage. To verify the balance on your gift card, please contact the retailer directly or check their website's gift card balance checker linked to the redemption details of the gift card.

How to purchase a gift card on FlipGive

Once you've selected the gift card of your choice, simply click on 'Buy Now'

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If you're a frequent gift card shopper on FlipGive, click on the 'Link' button to save your payment details for faster checkout next time. Next, complete the required fields on the Order Summary page and click on 'Pay'. Alternatively, you can also use Apple/Google Pay.

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During this checkout process, you may be prompted to confirm your order via text or email for security purposes.
​**If you need to update or change the phone number to which this verification is being sent, please contact your bank or cc provider directly. This number is attached directly to the account being used for payment.
If you see the 'Your order is processing' page after clicking on Pay, simply stay on the page until your order updates automatically or refresh the page after one minute.

If you see the 'Thanks for your order!' message, your gift card order is complete and is available for use in your FlipGive wallet immediately.

If you see this page 'Just a moment...', that means the card you ordered is taking a bit longer to process.

  • You can choose to wait and your gift card will be made available to you within 24 hours

  • If you need the card right away you can choose to cancel the order. If canceled, a charge may appear as an authorized payment as a pending charge on your credit card statement, it will drop on it's own within 7 days.

**If you don't make a decision, your order will be automatically canceled within 10 minutes of inactivity.

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If you successfully complete a gift card order you will always receive a confirmation email that includes the following details: (be sure to check your Spam and Junk). Gift card order confirmation emails also serve as official receipts.

  • The amount earned toward the purchase and team supported

  • Total order amount

  • The last 4 digits of the cc used

  • Date of purchase

  • Gift card brand

3 easy ways to access/view your gift card:

  1. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your gift card in your FlipGive Wallet.

  2. Click on your user profile at the top right corner, and under My Account click on FlipGive Wallet.

  3. Click on the wallet icon shortcut to access your FlipGive Wallet at any time.

Reviewing the Terms & Conditions

The redemption instructions along with the terms and conditions vary by retailer. This means it's very important to fully review these details before you complete your order. Gift cards are final sale, and are not eligible for refunds or exchange.

If you have any other questions about gift cards, contact our Customer Support team at [email protected].

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