Esso Reloadable Gift Cards (CA)

Earn automatically with each reload!

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Reloadable gift cards are one of the best ways to earn cashback over time. The best part about reloadable cards is the ease of setting it once, and with every reload, your team will earn funds automatically!

How Reloadable cards work:

Simply purchase a Reloadable gift card on the FlipGive store. There are 2 types of reloadable cards,
1. Reloadable cards (manually reload your gift card when you want).

2. Auto-reloadable cards (link your Payment card and reloads are automated once the reload threshold you set is met).
(*Note: card balances are checked nightly for reload on a nightly basis).

Here's an example, if you purchase a $100 Auto Reloadable gift card and set the auto-reload threshold to $20, an auto-reload will only trigger once your card's balance reaches $20. The $80 auto-reload will be processed that evening and your updated balance will reflect right away.

A breakdown of reload Settings:

  • Auto reload - Enable/disable the auto-reload setting on your card.

  • Auto reload threshold - Customize the threshold at which a reload is triggered.

  • Cashback Will Be Sent To - You can update the team that will receive cashback when a reload happens.

  • Payment card - You can update the payment card that will be charged on auto reloads.

How to make changes on reload Settings:

  1. On your Gift Card Wallet, select your desired reloadable gift card

  2. On your reloadable card, select Reload Settings or Reload Card to update your card settings

  3. Any changes you make will auto-save
    (**Remember, auto-reloads happen on a nightly basis so changes to a minimum threshold/team allocation/reload amount will be reflected on the next reload within 24 hours)

Do I earn only on the first purchase of an Auto Reloadable Gift Card?

No - that's the best part of an auto-reloadable card! With every reload, you earn AUTOMATICALLY for each reload. Simply set it and forget it.

Can I use the Esso Reloadable/ Auto Reloadable Gift Cards right away?

Yes! As soon as you purchase and receive the card on your Gift Card Wallet, they are immediately available for use. All digital gift cards purchased through FlipGive will be available directly from:

  1. An email with a link to the eGift card sent to your email

  2. The Gift Card Wallet (on the mobile App, the Wallet icon is located at the bottom of the home page)

How do I know which stations I can use my Esso™ and Mobil™ Gift Card?

Use Esso's Fuel Finder to search a specific location or town. Search for listings of all Esso and Mobile service stations in that surrounding area to find station details on:

  • Location Hours

  • Loyalty and payment programs (if the Esso & Mobil+™ App is accepted, Esso™ and Mobil™ Fuel Discount Cards and Esso™ and Mobil™ Gift Cards are accepted)

  • Available fuel type

  • Additional features and amenities like a carwash etc.

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