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How to update your payment details on an auto-reloadable gift card
How to update your payment details on an auto-reloadable gift card

Update your payment details to keep earning!

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If an auto-reload fails on your auto-reloadable gift card, it may require an update to your payment details. Here's how you can make the changes:

​Step 1: Click on your Gift Card Wallet and locate your auto-reloadable gift card.

Step 2: Open the auto-reloadable gift card and click on Reload Gift Card.

Step 3: Make desired changes.

  • Edit the reload threshold

  • Disable the auto-reload functionality

  • Change the team you'd like the cashback to support

  • Link a new card
    Any changes made to these settings will be auto-saved.

Step 4: Link new card - $1.00 temporary charge, what is it?

  • When updating your payment details, the newly updated card will be issued a temporary charge of $1.00 to confirm its validity. After it's been verified, the temporary charge will be dropped and canceled immediately. You will ONLY be charged in the event the balance on your auto-reload card drops below the minimum threshold set on the card.

Step 5: Once you've completed the updates, click on Update Payment Details. Future auto-reloads for the associated card will now be charged against the newly updated payment card.
You can always revisit the steps above if you need to change your payment details at any time. If you require assistance, please contact [email protected] specifying the Brand and Purchase On date located on your gift card from your Gift Card Wallet, thank you!

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