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Explore your Gift Card Wallet

Learn more about gift card types and how to best manage your GC Wallet

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Gift cards are stored in your Gift Card Wallet as soon as they are purchased through FlipGive. Before diving into how each of them works, let's explore the various types of gift cards available to purchase and how they're presented in the wallet:

Digital gift cards

Purchased Gift cards are stored in your FlipGive Gift Card Wallet immediately after purchase. They can be redeemed online or in-store purchases (note that the terms may vary depending on the retailer). Keep in mind that the balances on the cards won't be updated automatically, so it's important to update them manually after each use. We recommend doing it right away to avoid confusion about which card has which balance.

Auto-reloadable gift cards

The balances on your auto-reloadable gift cards will update automatically after each use, so there's no need for manual updates. When you next open your FlipGive Gift Card Wallet, the updated balance will be reflected. If you need more information on how to edit the settings on your auto-reloadable gift card, you can click here.

Manual reloadable gift cards

The balances on manual gift cards do not require manual updates. Like auto-reloadable gift cards, they will be updated automatically when opened in your FlipGive Gift Card Wallet.


Vouchers cannot be used as direct payment at retailers. They must be presented in person and redeemed for a physical gift card that can then be redeemed regularly in-store or online.

How to sort your Gift Cards:

If you've purchased lots of gift cards on FlipGive, we've made it easier for you to sort and view your gift cards with filters. By clicking on the filter icon on the top right corner of the wallet, you can sort your views by:

  • Sort: Purchase date, Brand, Balance

  • Filters: All gift card types, Gift Card, Voucher, Auto-Reload

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