How it works - Team Dashboard (video and FAQs)

Watch a quick video to learn more about your Team Dashboard

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Your Team Dashboard is centralized with all the features your team needs. The Team Dashboard allows Team Captains, Co-Captains, and Team Members to quickly get a glimpse of their team’s status, activity, and settings. Your team’s name, number of team members, and supporters are posted at the top of this page. You can also easily copy your unique team ID to share with others to become supporters through the web or the FlipGive app.


The amount earned by your team year to date. Includes a further breakdown of how the funds were earned.

Activity tab


Cashback earned from shopping online or gift cards purchased by all members and supporters.


FlipGive Bonuses are awarded throughout your campaign for first-time shopping and other promotions.


FlipGive allows teams to accept donations throughout their campaign.


FlipGive holds promotions and contests that when won are awarded to the team.


Funds are transferred over from a Personal Account to your team.

Leaderboard tab

This is a great tool to understand who the top earners are for your team and also understand how they are utilizing FlipGive to its maximum potential to inspire future earnings.


For Team Members and Supporters

  • Check to see how your team fund has progressed and how much of your total fund is available

For Captains and Co-Captains

  • Verify your team fund’s current available amount. When recent purchases are made they are held within a short hold, this is considered the “pending” amount which will be shown here as well.

  • Submit the team's payout information and request a payout when they are ready and reach the $100 minimum amount.

Team Settings

Control all the details linked to your team profile

  • Team Details - view and edit your team details, close the team

  • Edit and Manage team members - add players, delete players, assign roles, assign Co-Captains

  • Add Funds - donate to your team to top off your team

  • Privacy - control and manage privacy settings for your team members

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