How it works - Team Members List (video and FAQs)

Watch a video on how to build and manage your Team Members

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As the team Captain/Co-Captain, inviting your team members and building your team member list is the first step to getting your set up on FlipGive.
To start, click on your team name at the top left corner to access your Team Dashboard.

From the Settings tab > click on the Invite Manager Team Members

Next, click on the icon next to the question mark

On the Add Player pop-up, insert the Player's full name and Funding Goal. Click Save.

Edit/Delete Player

As the Captain/Co-Captain, you can edit (name and funding goal) your Players or delete your Player from this page. Click on the 3 dots next to your Player to make changes.

Edit Supporters

You can also make changes to the Supporters

  • If a Supporter has mistakenly added themselves to the incorrect Player, you can re-assign the Supporter to the correct Player

  • Set role on a team - this doesn't impact the team in any way. It's more of a way to add roles to your Players or Supporters.

  • Make Co-Captain - sometimes team Captains don't want the sole role of admin on their FlipGive team. This gives you the option to assign Co-Captains and share access to areas like Team Settings and Payouts.

  • Make Captain - if you ever want to transfer ownership of your team, you can pass on the Captain role to another team member. Each team can only have one Captain so once you pass on the Captain role, you'll lose access to Captain roles. To view a full list of Captain and Co-Captain admin access roles, click here.

Build your team list and increase participation to keep your team's funds organized!

If you have any other questions or concerns, contact our Support team via phone, email, or chat.

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