Setting your team's Funding goal

Track your team's funding objectives as a Total or by Player

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As a team Captain and Co-Captain, you can select how you'd like to organize your team's funding objectives: Total vs. Player. Set up your team's funding objectives, timeline, and goal.

Setting or changing your team's goal type

To start, click on your team's name in the top left corner.

This will take your Team Dashboard. From here, select the Settings tab and click on Funding Goal.

  • Under the Type section, you can set the goal type by Total or Per Player.

  • You can also make changes to your goal descriptions or season end dates here

What are your team's funding objectives?

1. Goal type: Total

For teams working towards a group goal and pooling their funds together, this is a great option to track your team's funds by setting a team total goal.

*With this option, you will not have the option to track individual earnings per team member. If you need to track the earnings by team member, select the Player goal type.

2. Goal type: Per Player

For teams earning towards an individualized goal, setting a Player goal is a great way for teams looking to track earnings per team member. If you're a school with multiple classrooms or a sports team that wants to track earnings per player, this is a great option for your team.

Captains or Co-Captains can make changes to your team's funding objectives at any time by following the steps above

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