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How it works - Personal Account (video and FAQs)

Watch a video to learn more about your Personal Account

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Is my Personal Account where my earnings from my teams get tracked?

No, your Personal Account is an entirely separate place to earn. Your earnings made on teams will NOT be tracked on your Personal Account.

Can people donate to my Personal Account?

No, FlipGive is a Team Funding platform so we don't allow for donations to Personal Accounts.

Can other people shop and support my Personal Account?

No, supporters can only support you through a Team that you create or are a part of, but supporters cannot shop and earn for your Personal Account.

What happens if I shop through my Team page and then my Team closes before my funds are attributed?

The funds will be attributed to the Team. If you shopped for that Team we will still give the cashback to said Team and they will be able to request a Payout for those funds even after they've closed.

Can I refer new Teams to FlipGive from my Personal Account and collect a referral credit?

FlipGive's referral program is available only for Teams. In order to refer another Team to FlipGive, you must do it through a Team page, not your Personal Account.

Is my Personal Account viewable by others? (the public)

No, your Personal Account is private and cannot be viewed by the public

What happens if I shopped through a Team page but want my funds credited to my Personal Account?

Your funds are allocated to your active team at the time of purchase. You are more than welcome to switch to your personal account, and any future purchases will be allocated to the appropriate account.

Will FlipGive Max work with my Personal Account?

Yes, Max will also work on your Personal Account and will switch to whatever your active Account happens to be.

Can I deactivate my Personal Account?

Your Personal Account is linked to your FlipGive account. The only way to deactivate your Personal Account is to delete your FlipGive account entirely. This is because by default, all accounts created on FlipGive have their own Personal Accounts. To delete your account, follow these easy steps.
As always, if you have any questions you can reach us at [email protected] or call us at 1-855-583-2510.

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