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What is TeamBuy and how does it work?

Earn even more for your team with group orders and sales

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FlipGive's TeamBuy is another great way for your team to earn as a group. From custom uniforms and team dinners to solo or group booking, maximize your team earnings even further with TeamBuy.

Here's how:
1. Simply visit the TeamBuy tab of your FlipGive store home page.

2. Next, click on any of the partnered retailers

3. After you've reviewed the exclusions and terms and conditions, click on 'Shop Now and you'll be redirected to the retailer's site. Some merchants will ask you to fill out a quote form.

4. Fill out any forms and complete your gift card/group order/shopping!

5. Once you complete your order, just sit back and simply wait for your team's earnings.

**Pro tip: Hang onto the order confirmation email for safekeeping

How soon can I expect to receive the earnings for my TeamBuy order?

Each retailer gives back at a different time, to check when you can expect yours you can review the date on your Shopping Trips page (click on your account profile photo at the top right corner, and under My Account, you'll see Shopping Trips).

  • Bulk orders - will take up to 30 days after the order has been received or paid to see the cashback

  • Travel bookings - it can take up to 30-60 days after the completed stay to see the cashback

  • Custom gear - it can take up to 30 days after your custom order has successfully shipped

How do orders made from TeamBuy get distributed?

  • Earnings made from TeamBuy will go toward your team as a whole. It will not get split evenly or be issued individually to the team members.

  • Once a TeamBuy earning has been issued to the team, it cannot be moved to an individual.
    ​Note: If you decide to disburse your team's funds or close your team, any earnings made from TeamBuy will go to the team captain.

I made an order on the TeamBuy page and have not earned anything yet.

If the cash-back issued to date has passed on the visit you're inquiring about from your Shopping Trips page, we kindly ask you to submit a Missing Claim for review. Our Customer Support team will then review the details of your TeamBuy order and get back to you with a response. We may follow up on your claim by asking for more info.

Any other questions?

FlipGive's Customer Support team and Team Funding Coaches are always available to help answer any additional questions you might have.

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