How does FlipGive Max work?

Install Max - a cash back extension on your web browser to maximize your earning opportunities

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If you shop mostly on the web, Max can be a great tool to help remind you of earning opportunities! Max will send you alerts at participating stores and offers without having to start your shopping trips in the FlipGive store.

 Here's how it works:


Simply click on the blinking FlipGive icon, and you will be prompted to 'Activate' FlipGive Max. 

When the blinking stops and the extension becomes a solid teal, this means FlipGive has been activated for that visit. Simply shop and earn!

FlipGive has not been activated for this store. It may not be available. Not all merchants provide permission for Max to activate an offer, so for these offers and brands, you will need to start on your FlipGive team to ensure your shopping trip is properly linked for eligible offers.

Benefits of using Max:

  1. You're automatically notified of cash-back opportunities when you visit participating stores.

  2. You can activate FlipGive Max to generate a recorded shopping trip directly on a store's website to your FlipGive team. This removes the step of having to start your shopping from your FlipGive store every time.

  3. FlipGive Max will remind you to reactivate every 6 hours to keep your shopping trip up to date.

We ❤️  Max and think you will too!

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