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Why was my claim denied?

Tips to ensure your cash back is always eligible

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If you've received an update that your missing claim has been denied, here are a few reasons that may apply to your claim's ineligibility.

Another marketing channel was credited with the sale

if you're using any other third-party discount or cash-back site like eBates, Honey, Capital One, PLA, Skimbit Ltd, Coupon Cabin, Wildfire Systems, etc. your cashback will be reversed or your claim will be denied.

A coupon code was used outside of what is offered through FlipGive.

Coupon codes/discount deals are provided to us directly through retailers. This means any of the deals you see on a participating retailer's site on FlipGive, are shared back with you! If you see a yellow banner under the Deals section, click on Get Deal where we'll direct you to the page on the retailer's site where the deal is offered.

The date of the shopping trip on the claim does not match the purchase date in the order confirmation email.

Check your order confirmation email. The date needs to be on the same day the visit was recorded on your 'My shopping trips' page on FlipGive. This means, that whenever you submit a claim, the date linked to the shopping trip visit must match the date (time stamp must be later) on your order confirmation email.

**To get to your 'My shopping trips' page, click on the user icon at the top right corner of the home page, then under the My Account section > General > click on My shopping trips

The item purchased was on the retailer's Exclusion list.
At the bottom of the pop-up window (below the Deals section) you'll see if there are any Exclusions to the offer. Any items in the claim you've submitted that are in this list are ineligible for cashback.

Loyalty points or Rewards Cash was used to pay for a portion or the entirety of the purchase.

Using a points program (like ScoreCard, Fan Cash, or similar, etc) will deem your transactions ineligible for cash back. Using rewards cash to pay for your order will also deem your transaction ineligible. You can still collect the points, but you cannot spend them and earn cash through FlipGive at the same time. 

If any of the above reasons apply to your claim that was denied, we thank you for your kind understanding. We are bound by these guidelines from our retail partners on the types of transactions that qualify for cashback. We understand this can be frustrating and hope these guidelines can help ensure your future transactions are eligible!

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