What are missing transactions and how do I submit a claim?

While not frequent, you may run into an instance where cashback was not successfully issued for a transaction you completed through FlipGive. This is what we call a missing transaction. If you haven't, we want to hear about it and ask that you submit a missing claim for our team to review. We work hard to keep our retailers accountable - and will do our best to ensure you get all your earnings towards eligible purchases.

Step 1 - Finding the 'Shopping Trips' page

Similar to your web browser's history page, FlipGive's Shopping Trips page tracks all and any visits made from your FG account (whether you've made a purchase or not). It's a great place to track your earnings

  • Click on your Profile located on the top right-hand corner

Step 2 - My Account

  • From your Profile page, under My Account, select Shopping Trips

Step 3 - View All Shopping Trips and Submit Missing Claim

  • From the Shopping Trips page, you'll see 2 filtered views to review your activities:

  1. Earnings - this is where you'll see a list of all the cashback you earned for purchases for all your FlipGive accounts.

  2. All Shopping Trips - this is you will find every you've made for online shopping, gift card purchases, and in-store shopping (the US only) - even the ones where you didn't buy anything. Think of it as the browser history of your FlipGive account. You can submit a claim if there are missing earnings (you remember buying something, but it's not showing up).

Confirm your information

We need your receipt to claim your cashback from the retailer, but the first step will be to make sure you have the right visit: the first screen will have details for you to confirm.

Send us your order confirmation

On the next screen you can provide the order number and subtotal (price before taxes and after discounts). You will also have an e-mail to send the order confirmation e-mail to - we'll need this to process your claim.

After you've forwarded your order e-mail, you can click :

After that, the system will check the inbox.

This will keep spinning until your e-mail is received.
When the e-mail arrives, the button will change to Submit Claim.

All done!

It will take up to two days to review your claim. We will be in touch via e-mail with our response or any questions we have.

Psst! Here are some tips to avoid missing transactions.

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