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How do I submit a missing claim for my missing transaction?
How do I submit a missing claim for my missing transaction?

My Account > Shopping Trips > Submit Missing Claim

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I didn't earn cash back for a purchase I made through FlipGive

We pay all the earnings that you are entitled to as soon as our merchant partners confirm your purchases, but once in a while, we don't get notified of your purchase.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Sometimes there are exclusions to certain products. This varies by retailer and can change from time to time. Please review the full terms and conditions for each store before you shop.

  • Ensure any ad-blocking software is turned off before you shop, otherwise, the store won't be able to properly identify you.

  • Download the FlipGive Max browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge to ensure you don't miss cash back when you shop online!

  • Most importantly, it's important to note that the time it takes a retailer to notify us varies but typically takes up to 48 hours (grocery delivery purchases are notified once your order is delivered, and accommodations like hotels and travel are only credited upon completion of your trip. Please check the cash-back period on the link or on your activity page for full details.

If you've followed all of the steps above and still haven't received cash back, we'll take you through the simple steps of submitting a mission claim review.

We work hard to keep our retailers accountable - and will do our best to ensure you get all your earnings toward eligible purchases.

Step 1 - Locate your visit from your 'Shopping Trips' page

Similar to your web browser's history page, FlipGive's Shopping Trips page tracks all and any visits made from your FG account (whether you've made a purchase or not). It's a great place to track all your visits.

  • To start, click on your Profile located in the top right-hand corner

Step 2 - My Account

  • Next, from your My Account page, select Shopping Trips

Step 3 - Locate and select the Shopping Trip visit you're looking for and begin the process to submit your missing claim

  • On the Shopping Trips page, you'll see 2 filtered views to review your visits:

  1. Earnings - this is where you'll see a list of all the cash back you've earned towards eligible purchases for your FlipGive team(s) and Personal Account.

  2. All Shopping Trips - this is you will find every visit you've made towards online shopping and gift card purchases through the web or the app. It's important to note that this page lists all your visits, even the ones you didn't buy anything. The 'claim missing funds' button will appear for all your visits, so rest assured that you only need to submit a claim for the visit linked to the missing claim you're looking to submit. Think of it as the browser history of your FlipGive account.

Step 4 - Create a claim and confirm your purchase info

  • We'll need your order confirmation receipt to claim your cashback from the retailer for review. Before we can do that, we'll ask you to confirm some details regarding your transaction to ensure you're submitting a claim for the correct shopping trip.

Step 5 - Send us your order confirmation receipt

  • On the next screen, please provide the order number and subtotal (price before taxes and after discounts).

  • Next, copy the unique e-mail address created for your claim

  • Locate your order confirmation email from your email account the purchase was made and forward the order confirmation e-mail to the unique address provided in the previous step

  • After you've forwarded your order confirmation, the button 'I have forwarded my email' will appear.

  • The system will then check the ensure it's been received on our end inbox.

  • Once it's been received successfully, the button 'Submit Claim' will become clickable.

Thanks for submitting your claim!

It will take 5-7 business days to review your claim. We will be in touch via e-mail with our response or any questions we have. If you have any questions about a claim's status, please reach us at [email protected] with your Claim ID # and we'll help you out!

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