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How do I submit a missing claim for my missing transaction?
How do I submit a missing claim for my missing transaction?

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I didn't earn cash back for a purchase I made through FlipGive

We pay all the earnings that you are entitled to as soon as our merchant partners confirm your purchases, but once in a while, we don't get notified of your purchase.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • Sometimes there are exclusions to certain products. This varies by retailer and can change from time to time. Please review the full terms and conditions for each store before you shop.

  • Ensure any ad-blocking software is turned off before you shop, otherwise, the store won't be able to properly identify you.

  • Download the FlipGive Max browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge to ensure you don't miss cashback when you shop online!

  • Most importantly, it's important to note that the time it takes a retailer to notify us varies but typically takes up to 48 hours (grocery delivery purchases are notified once your order is delivered, and accommodations like hotels and travel are only credited upon completion of your trip. Please check the cash-back period on the link or on your activity page for full details.

If you've followed all of the steps above and still haven't received cash back, we'll take you through the simple steps of submitting a mission claim review.

We work hard to keep our retailers accountable - and will do our best to ensure you get all your earnings toward eligible purchases.

Step 1 - Review your visit from your 'My Shopping Trips' page

Similar to your web browser's history page, FlipGive's Shopping Trips page tracks all and any visits made from your FG account (whether you've made a purchase or not). It's a great place to track all your visits.

  • To start, click on the user icon located in the top right-hand corner to access your My Account page.

Step 2 - My Account

  • From your My Account page > General > select My Shopping Trips

This is where you will find every visit you've made towards online shopping and gift card purchases through the web or the app. It's important to note that this page lists all your visits, the ones that earned cashback, and even the ones you didn't buy anything. Think of it as the browser history of your FlipGive account.

Step 3 - Locate and select the missing claim

  • From your My Account page > General > select Missing earnings

This is where you can view the shopping trips from online shopping that didn't issue cashback. This includes visits where you may not have completed a purchase. For the ones where you did but didn't receive anything, click on the 'Claim' button for the shopping trip you're inquiring about to begin the review process. Again, rest assured that you only need to submit a claim for a shopping trip where you completed a purchase and did not earn cashback. Think of it as the browser history of your FlipGive account.

Step 4 - Start a claim and confirm your purchase info

  • We'll need to review the details against the order confirmation receipt linked to your purchase to ensure eligibility. Before we can do that, we'll ask you to confirm details regarding your transaction to ensure you're submitting a claim for the correct shopping trip.

On the next screen, please provide the order number and subtotal (price before taxes and shipping fees, and after discounts).

Step 5 - Forward email receipt

  1. Next, click on 'copy' to grab the unique e-mail address created for your claim

  2. Log in to your email access and find the email receipt (order confirmation email) in your inbox.

  3. Click the 'Forward' option on your email app.

  4. In the 'To' field, paste the email address copied from Step 1 (CTRL+V or CMD+V)

  5. Click 'Send'.

  6. Return to this page, and click 'Check that email receipt has been received'. Once our system has received the email receipt, the status of the button will start from:


  7. Click on the Submit Claim button

  8. Thanks for submitting your claim!

It will take 5-7 business days to review your claim. A confirmation email will be sent to you with your claim number for reference. Once the missing claim has been reviewed, our team will be in touch via e-mail with an update on its status.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about a claim's status, you can contact us at [email protected]. Please list the claim ID # in the subject line for faster response.

Other FAQs:

Q: Am I supposed to submit a claim for every single visit I see on My Shopping Trips page where it says 'Claim'?

To access your shopping history on FlipGive, click on the profile icon in the top right corner, then go to General and select My Shopping Trips. Think of this page as your FlipGive shopping history, similar to a browser history. Each retailer issues cash back at different times, ranging from 24 hours to 2 weeks. Cash back for accommodations and car rentals may take up to 2 weeks after the reservation is completed. After the allotted give-back period has passed, you will see the 'Claim' option. You only need to submit missing claims for shopping trips where you shopped but did not receive cash back.

Q: I'm noticing minus dollars earned in my team's weekly emails/Funds tab. Is FlipGive taking money away?

Please note the following: When you or any of your teammates make returns or exchanges, the cash back earned for the item will be reversed. If you return a single item from an order where you purchased multiple items, the entire cash-back earning will be voided because the item is linked to the order as a whole. If you haven't made any returns or exchanges, it's likely that a team member has done so.

Q: I don't think I received the full cashback amount for my purchases.

Keep in mind that when you see the phrase "up to X%", it indicates that X represents the highest potential cash back for that particular brand. This means that the cash back amount may vary depending on the category of your purchase. For any brands that display "up to X%", you will be presented with a list of exclusions, so you can see exactly how much cash back each category offers.

Q: I want to reset my team's earn amount to $0

In order to properly track all the cashback earnings for your team's gift cards, online shop, and donations, we need to keep the transactions linked to your team. This means we're unable to reset a team's total earned amount to $0. If you'd like to start fresh, we recommend creating a new team.

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