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My team's total went down, what's going on?
My team's total went down, what's going on?

Minus amounts appearing on your weekly team update emails

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If you've noticed your funds have gone down, the following instances or activities may have occurred on your team:

Returns, Exchanges, Cancellation

When you make a purchase through FlipGive and then later request a refund or exchange for an item in that order, any cashback you or your teammate earned for that purchase will also be refunded. This means that if, for example, you purchased four items in a single order and earned cashback, and then you return, exchange, or cancel one of those items, the cashback for the entire order will be reversed. If you see a negative amount, it could be due to a return, refund, or exchange made by someone on your team.

Another marketing channel was credited with the sale

Please remember the following: If you use any other third-party discount or cashback sites such as eBates, Honey, Capital One, PLA, Skimbit Ltd, Coupon Cabin, Wildfire Systems, etc., your cashback will be reversed. This issue is likely to occur most frequently when users use other third-party discount sites. When a sale is recognized by these sites first, any cashback earnings through FlipGive will be reversed. We kindly ask that you disable any other third-party discount tools to prevent this from happening in future transactions.

Other FAQs:

I don't want to lose out on my earnings, but I do need to make an exchange

If you want to exchange your item, we recommend getting a full refund for the entire order and then purchasing the item(s) again from your FlipGive team. When making the new purchase, please make sure to start a new shopping trip to ensure proper tracking of the transaction and the new shopping trip. It's important to note that the give-back amount may change based on the original give-back rate. You will receive the amount that was listed at the time of repurchase.

We understand this can be frustrating and will do our best to ensure we can help you along the way. All cashback programs are bound by these guidelines from our retail partners on the types of transactions that qualify for cashback.

We hope this information helps to ensure your future transactions are eligible for cashback! Thank you for your kind understanding, if there's anything else we can assist you with please let us know at [email protected] 

Thank you!

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