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Where is my $5 first shop bonus?
Where is my $5 first shop bonus?

Claim yours today!

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To help you get started, we're giving all our first time users a $5 first shop bonus.
It will be rewarded to Team members who sign up and make a first purchase (must be made within 14 days of joining the Team).

When do I get this bonus?

The bonus will be applied as soon as you receive cash back for your first purchase. Meaning, not at the time of purchase

So hang tight, as long as you made the purchase within the 14 days, you'll get it no problemo.

Still not showing up?

Please contact our Customer Success Team at [email protected], or chat with us by clicking on the blue and white chat icon found on the bottom right corner of your screen.

***Donations are not eligible for the first shop bonus.

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