Where is my referral bonus?
The team I referred signed up already - when do I see my bonus?
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How long does it take to receive my referral bonus?

Referral bonuses may take up to 1 week to post back to both teams after the referred team has earned $20.

I was referred and my team has earned $20, but I still haven't received the bonus.

Referrals are eligible exclusively if you refer a new user to FlipGive who creates a team that raises at least $20 through shopping. You’ll receive a $50 bonus credit to your team account once the referred team raises $20 through shopping. The referred team will then earn a bonus of $50 to their team account. The $50 bonus credit will be issued as soon as the newly-referred team raises $20. Donations and FlipGive credits (i.e welcome bonus or first shop bonus) do not contribute to the raised threshold for contest entries or bonuses. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.


I used my own referral code from an existing team and created a new team, am I still eligible for a referral bonus?

Self-referrals are not eligible for referral bonuses. FlipGive's referral program was created to encourage new teams who have never used FlipGive to sign up!

**Referral credits are reviewed by the Customer Support team each time a withdrawal request is submitted. Subject to review, referral bonuses may be removed from your withdrawal request with or without notice.

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