Where is my referral bonus?

The team I referred signed up already - when do I see my bonus?

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The team I referred earned $20, why haven't I received my referral bonus?

The team you referred must have created their team using your referral link. Once they earn a total of $20 from online shop or gift card earnings, both the referred team and yours will receive a $50 bonus in the form of a FlipGive credit. It's important to note that donations and FlipGive credits i.e welcome bonus or first shop bonus do not count towards the $20 raised threshold.


I created a new team and want to refer myself to earn the referral bonus

Self-referrals are not eligible for referral bonuses. FlipGive's referral program was created to encourage new teams who have never used FlipGive to sign up!

**Referral credits are reviewed by the Customer Support team each time a withdrawal request is submitted. Subject to review, referral bonuses may be removed from your withdrawal request with or without notice.

Other Referral FAQ's:

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