How does the referral program work?

Know someone else that could use FlipGive?

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If you've used FlipGive before, referrals are one of the best and quickest ways for your team to earn! Simply share your team's unique referral link. When others sign up their team and earn their first $20, you'll both get a $50 bonus!*

*Bonus amount may vary depending on promotion, and may take up to 1 week to be rewarded to both teams. This will only be applied after the referred team has earned $20 through shopping.

How to share your referral link:

  1. Sign into the FlipGive Shop App

  2. From your Shop page > click on Invite

3. Next, grab your unique referral link by clicking on 'Copy'

4. You can share your unique referral link using WhatsApp, Email, or Messenger.

After sharing your referral link, if the person you referred signs up on FlipGive and successfully creates a new team, they will appear under the 'Referral Activity Report' on this page.

I used my own referral link while on an existing team and created a new team. Am I still eligible for a referral bonus?

Please remember the following information:

Self-referrals are not eligible for referral bonuses. FlipGive's referral program is designed to encourage new teams that have never used FlipGive to sign up. Referral credits are reviewed by the Customer Support team each time a Payout request is submitted. Referral bonuses may be removed from your withdrawal request, with or without notice, after review.

The team I referred forgot to use my referral, where can they add my referral link or code after they signed up?

Referrals cannot be added retroactively! Any teams you refer MUST sign up on FlipGive and create their team using your unique referral link. If they do not sign up using your referral link, your team and theirs will not earn the bonus.

How can I check whether the team I referred used my referral?

On your referral page, you'll see a section called the Referral Activity Report. Once the team you referred signs up and creates a team successfully, you'll see their name, email, sign-up date, and the raise amount. Once the raise amount hits $20, both your teams will receive the bonus.

Eligibility and Terms & Conditions

Referrals are subject to review when your team submits your payout information. Ineligible referral bonuses may be removed from your team pending review, with or without notice. For a full list of the referral program terms and conditions, refer to your referral page ta any time.

Referrals are eligible exclusively if you refer a new user to FlipGive who creates a team that raises at least $20 through shopping. You’ll receive a $50 bonus credit to your team account once the referred team raises $20 through shopping. The referred team will then earn a bonus of $50 to their team account. The $50 bonus credit will be issued as soon as the newly-referred team raises $20. Donations and FlipGive credits (i.e welcome bonus or first shop bonus) do not contribute to the raised threshold for contest entries or bonuses. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

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