If you've used FlipGive before, referrals are one of the best and quickest ways for your team to earn! Simple share your team's unique referral link and when they sign up their team and earn their first $20, you'll both get a $50 bonus!*

*Bonus amount may vary depending on promotion, and may take up to 1 week to be rewarded to both teams. This will only be applied after the referred team has earned $20 through shopping.

Team banner

  1. Sign into the FlipGive Shop App

  2. Click on the Referral banner at the top of your home page,

or click on the More tab and select Refer Another Team.

3. Share your unique referral code with Whatsapp, Email, or Messenger. You can also copy and paste your team's unique share link to share via text.

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How do I track if my referrals have signed up?

When the referring team successfully signs up you can track referrals at bottom of this page under the 'Referral Activity Report'. When they reach $20 in earnings, both teams will be issued the bonus!

Other referral FAQ:
The team I referred earned $20, why hasn't my referral bonus kicked in? 

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