If 'fees' are applied to your team's fund, they can be found on the Funds tab of your account under Withdrawals.

12 Months Of Inactivity

If your team has outstanding funds but has not made any transactions for 12 months, a monthly inactivity fee of $5 will be deducted until the available balance reaches $0. Monthly fees will stop if a purchase is made or if the available funds are withdrawn.

Uncashed/Expired Check

In the event that a check is not cashed after the x days, it becomes expired and can no longer be cashed. The uncashed check amount will be made available for withdraw again along with a $40 processing fee. Find out more here.

Withdraw Requests Below $100 Minimum

Withdrawals on FlipGive are typically allowed only when the available amount is over $100 - this ensures we can cover the costs of processing this payment to you. However in some cases teams cannot reach this amount because it’s the end of the season or the team has closed early. In this case you can contact [email protected] to request a withdrawal, except any bonuses earned such as the $5 first shop bonus, referral bonus etc. will be removed from the outstanding funds in the form of a fee to cover the payment processing costs.

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