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If 'fees' are applied to your team's fund, they can be found on the Funds tab of your account under Payouts.

12 Months Of Inactivity - $5 monthly fee

If your team or Personal Account has outstanding funds but has not made any transactions for 12 months, a monthly inactivity fee of $5 will be deducted from your FlipGive team's available funds until the available balance reaches $0.

  • If on a team, monthly fees will stop if a purchase is made or if the available funds are withdrawn or disbursed to team members.

  • If on a Personal Account, monthly fees will stop if a purchase is made, or if the available funds are transferred to another team. If you don't have a team to transfer funds to, simply Create a new one where you can transfer the funds.

    ***If the remaining balance on your Team or your Personal Account is less than $5, your first monthly charge will be that remaining amount. After the balance reaches $0, the inactivity fees will stop.

Uncashed/Expired Check

In the event that a check is not cashed after 90 days since the check was issued, it becomes expired and can no longer be cashed. To request a new check, contact our support team at [email protected] and we'll issue a new check. A $40 fee is required $40 to initiate a stop payment on the expired check and issue a new one. The amount will be adjusted from the payout total. Find out more details here.

Withdraw Requests Below $100 Minimum

A team's first withdrawal on FlipGive is made available once $100 has been reached - this ensures we can cover the costs of processing this payment to you. However, in some cases, we understand that a team won't have reached this amount because it’s the end of the season or the team has closed early. In this case, you can close your team and request a payout, or disburse the funds back to the Personal Accounts of the team members that earned the funds. Please note that all FlipGive credits, including the $5 first shop bonus, referral bonus, etc. will not be included in any payouts less than $100. Find out more here.

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