How long does it take for my referral bonus to kick in?

Referral bonuses may take up to 1 week to post back to both teams after the referred teams have earned $20 through Shopping only as seen below (FlipGive bonuses, do NOT count towards this total).

I've earned $20, but I still haven't received the bonus.

The $20 earned must be solely from shopping, and shopping alone. This means, Bonuses and Donations do not count towards the $20 total. The same goes with Referral bonuses earned by teammates. 

I used my own referral code and created a new team. Am I eligible for the referral bonus?

FlipGive's referral program was created to encourage NEW FlipGive users to try us out. It's also to incentivize our amazing customers (that's you!) to referring others to FlipGive to say thank you and earn more for your team.  

**If you are an existing user on FlipGive and have referred yourself, please note they may be removed when you request your team's funds. 

For your reference, here are the terms and conditions for the Referral Program:

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