** Referral bonuses may take up to 1 week to post back to both teams after the referred teams have earned $20 through shopping.

Why hasn't my referral bonus kicked in?

Let's look at it through an example:

  • Tony used his referral link and shared it with his friend Elizabeth to start a team on FlipGive.
  • Elizabeth signed up on FlipGive and started a team for her son's hockey team!
  • In about two week's time, Elizabeth's team has earned a total of $23.40
  • Why haven't Tony and Elizabeth earned their $20 bonuses? (bonus amount may vary depending on promotional offer).
  • Well, let's see. It looks like $5 of the $23.40 is actually a first shop bonus earned by one of Elizabeth's teammate. Meaning, Elizabeth's team has actually earned $17.40 through shopping. Elizabeth's team needs to earn $2.60 more in order for her and Tony to receive the bonuses. 

Once she reaches the $20 by a few more cash back dollars, both her and Tony's team will automatically receive the bonuses!

I used my own referral code and created a new team

Please note FlipGive's referral program was created to encourage NEW FlipGive users, as well as giving some incentive to our existing users for sharing the FlipGive love by giving a bonus. If you are an existing user on FlipGive and refer yourself, the referral promos can be voided as per our terms and conditions:

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