I referred my friend who created a new team on FlipGive, and has earned $20, but neither of us have earned our referral bonuses. What's going on?

The $20 amount earned by the team you referred, must be earned solely by cash backs earned from shopping. FlipGive credits like the $5 first shop bonus do not count towards the $20.

Let's look at it through an example:

  • Tony used his referral link and shared it with his friend Elizabeth to start a team on FlipGive.
  • Elizabeth signed up on FlipGive and started a team for her son's hockey team!
  • In about two week's time, Elizabeth's team has earned a total of $23.40
  • Why haven't Tony and Elizabeth earned their $20 bonuses? (bonus amount may vary depending on promotional offer).
  • Well, let's see. It looks like $5 of the $23.40 is actually a first shop bonus earned by one of Elizabeth's teammate. Meaning, Elizabeth's team has actually earned $17.40 through shopping. Elizabeth's team needs to earn $2.60 more in order for her and Tony to receive the bonuses. 

Once she reaches the $20 by a few more cash back dollars, both her and Tony's team will automatically receive the bonuses!

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