With Personal Accounts, FlipGive users are no longer restricted to earn on their FlipGive teams. That means, you can keep earning during the offseason and bank your earnings to get a head start for your team next year.

How can I access my Personal Account?

  • When your team closes, you and your teammates will be prompted to either create/join a new team, or continue using FlipGive via your Personal Account. 


  • Click on your Team Switcher tab, located at the top left of your page.

It can be accessed by clicking on your Team Name (in the top left corner).

This is where any and all your Running and Closed teams will be listed. The very last team on your Running team list will be your Personal Account. Once you select this team, it will be your Active account. Meaning, you can still shop through FlipGive and earn cash.

Click on Activate My Personal Account to start earning :)


Can I withdraw the funds directly from my Personal Account?

No, FlipGive is for Team fundraising, you can earn funds on your Personal Account but you must transfer them to a Team of your choice (new or existing) in order to be able to withdraw. Get a head start on your next Team and earn in the off-season with your Personal Account!

Is my Personal Account where my earnings from my teams get tracked?

No, your Personal Account is an entirely separate place to earn. Your earnings made on teams will NOT be tracked on your Personal Account. 

Can people donate to my Personal Account

No, Flipgive is a Team Funding platform so we don't allow for donations to Personal Accounts. There are plenty of other sites out there like GoFundMe that provide Personal crowdfunding services if that is what you are looking for.

Can other people shop and support my Personal Account?

No, supporters can support you through a Team that you create or are a part of, but supporters cannot shop and earn for your Personal Account.

What happens if I shop through my Team page and then my Team closes before my funds are attributed?

The funds will be attributed to the Team. If you shopped for that Team we will still give the cash back to said Team and they will be able to withdraw those funds even after they've closed.

Do I need a minimum balance before transferring my Personal Account to another Team?

No, there is no minimum balance required to transfer funds from a Personal Account to a Team. However the same 14 day hold period for online shopping applies before funds on your Personal Account can be transferred - this is to account for returns, etc.

Can I transfer my Personal Account funds to multiple Teams?

No, you can't transfer to multiple teams at once. Every time you transfer the entire outstanding balance is moved; no partial transfer amounts are allowed. The only way to transfer to multiple teams is to raise another block under your personal account and pick a different team to give to the next time.  For instance, if you earn $100 and transfer it to one team and then earn another $100 you can subsequently  transfer it to a different team. To learn how to transfer funds, click here.

Can I refer new Teams to FlipGive from my Personal Account and collect a referral credit?

No. The FlipGive referral program is available only for Teams.  In order to refer another Team to FlipGive you must do it through a Team page, not your Personal Account.

Is my Personal Account viewable by others? (the public)

No, your Personal Account is private and cannot be viewed the public

What happens if I shopped through a Team page but want my funds credited to my Personal Account? 

Your funds are allocated to your active Team at the time of purchase. You're more than welcome to switch to your Personal Account and any future purchases will be allocated to the appropriate Account.

Will FlipGive Max work with my Personal Account?

Yes! Max will also work your Personal Account. He will switch to whatever your active Account happens to be.

If you have any further questions regarding your Personal Account, please feel free to reach out to our team by clicking on the Chat icon on the bottom right corner of your team page, or write in to [email protected] 

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