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FlipGive Shop FAQs
FlipGive Shop FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the FlipGive Shop App.

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Q: How much time will it take to set up?

It will take you a few minutes to create or join your team and get familiar with FlipGive, but it’s a cinch from there! Just remember to visit FlipGive first anytime you shop.

Q: What's the catch?

There is no catch! Retailers pay FlipGive a commission whenever you shop with them via our app or website, then we share that commission with you.

Q: What products can I buy?

Whatever you want! Shop as usual and purchase the things you already need - it’s as simple as that. See our complete list of brands.

Q: Is there any cost to FlipGive?

Nope - it’s absolutely free!

Q: Do I have to pay more when I shop via FlipGive?

Nope! In fact, you often pay less as we share deals and exclusive promotions with you.

Q: Can I still access sales or use coupons and promo codes?

You sure can! Just be sure to use only what’s shown in the yellow ‘Deals’ banner when you click a retailer's link and select 'Get Deal'. If you don’t see a deal listed and you use a coupon code outside of what's being shown on FlipGive, your cashback will be ineligible.

Q: Do I have to sell anything?

Never! You and your team shop for the things you need. We’re just as tired of bake sales and car washes as you are.

Q: How do I earn with FlipGive Shop?

There are three ways to earn on FlipGive Shop!

  1. Shopping online - Shop online starting on your team page or app. If you shop on your browser more often, you can also use our extension FlipGive Max to help you maximize your earning opportunities by reminding you about eligible offers and retailers. Start by starting from your team's FlipGive page where you'll get redirected to the retailer's website. After you complete your transaction on the retailer's site, they'll inform us of the purchase and credit the cashback in the back t your team!

  2. Digital gift cards - These are fan favorites. Purchase a gift card for personal use or as a gift that can be redeemed immediately for use online or in-store. We have a variety of gift cards available to help you earn the most for your everyday purchases like gas, groceries, restaurants and accommodations for travel.

3. Share your team's join link and collection donations - By sharing your team page link with your supporters- they can also contribute to your team's earnings by shopping online or by making a direct cash donation to your team or player.

Other FAQs

Q: Am I supposed to submit a claim for every single visit I see on My Activity page where it says 'claim'?

No. Click on the profile icon on the top right corner and select My Shopping Trips. From here, you can review all the visits you've made through FlipGive. Similar to browser history, you could call it the FlipGive shopping history! Each retailer issues cash back at different times, while some might give back after 24 hours, some might give back after 3 days or something 2 weeks, depending on the type of shop. Once the allotted time has passed, the claim option will appear. You only need to submit claims for shopping trips where you shopped and you did NOT receive cash back

Q: I'm noticing minus dollars earned in my team's weekly emails/funds tab. Is FlipGive taking money away?

Normal shopping behavior includes returns and exchanges. When returns or exchanges are made from yourself or any of your teammates, the cash back earned for that item will also get reversed. Returning a single item in an order where you purchased multiple items will void the entire cash-back earning. This is because the item is attached to the order as a whole. If you haven't made any returns/exchanges, it is most likely a team member who has made one.

Q: I don't think I received the full cashback amount for my purchases.

Please note that whenever you see the communication of 'up to X%', it means that X is displaying the highest giveback for that brand. Meaning, that depending on what category your purchase falls under, it may give back less. For any brands displaying 'up to X%', you will be shown a list of exclusions to show you exactly what categories give back what amount. 

Q: I want to reset my team's earn amount to $0

In order to properly track all the cashback earnings for your team's gift cards, online shop, and donations, we need to keep the transactions linked to your team. This means we're unable to reset a team's total earned amount to $0. If you'd like to start fresh, we recommend creating a new team.

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