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Pro tips and pointers to ensure you get your cash back each time.
Pro tips and pointers to ensure you get your cash back each time.

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Here are a few things to remember when shopping through FlipGive to ensure you earn cash for your purchases:

  1. A very common use case: Always start your shopping journey with an empty 🛒  for the session used to check out your transaction. If you have items in your cart from a previous browse, please make sure to remove all items, and start a new session from FlipGive.

  2. Do NOT browse any other rewards/promo sites during your session for the transaction for FlipGive or it will ❌  the rewards.

  3. Only use promo codes offered through FlipGive seen on the pop ups when clicking on any brands, again if you use any from the outside it will void your rewards.

  4. Take a scan of the Full Terms and Conditions and Exclusions when you click on any brand through FlipGive as it will let you know of any exclusions that do not give rewards.

  5. When you click over to your preferred shopping site through FlipGive, make sure a green check mark appears on screen to confirm a connection and finish your purchase directly on the retailer's website.

  6. Disable any ad blocking software as this may interfere with you getting credit for your purchases.

  7. Do not open new tabs during your shopping session. It's best to complete your transaction as quickly as possible!

  8. When using Max, please ensure you are activating him within the 24 hour time frame as your cookies may expire. If you wait too long between activating Max and making your purchase, your cash back may drop off.

  9. This one might sound silly but you'd be surprised how many times it happens, please ensure you are logged in to your account 😉

Follow these guidelines and missing cash back will become a thing of the past!

If you've taken all these precautions and STILL haven't earned credit on your purchase, we can help! Simply submit a missing cash back claim, and our team can help investigate your order further!


Each brand offers a different give back amount (sometimes even category based) as well general ⏰  frames for give backs.

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