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How much does FlipGive cost to use?
How much does FlipGive cost to use?

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Unlike other team software that charges a monthly fee or takes upwards of a 20% cut on fundraising dollars, FlipGive does not charge teams anything to use its all-in-one team money solution.

For certain transactions like accepting a donation within the Shop App the donor will be charged a 2.5% payment processing fee, but the team is not charged anything.

So how does FlipGive make money?

FlipGive makes our money via our retail partners in the shop app. Whenever you spend with one of them they reimburse us a portion of the purchase amount; we take a small percentage of that and then pass the rest of that reimbursement to your team.

It's in our best interest to help your teams earn funds - if your teams succeed, so do we - it's a win-win!

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