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How can I feature my brand on the FlipGive marketplace?
How can I feature my brand on the FlipGive marketplace?

Add your store to FlipGive and support the great causes!

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FlipGive is a fundraising site for groups, teams or households. FlipGive shoppers raise money for their sports team, club, school, or cause by shopping online for everyday items, seasonal goods and gifting occasions. 

Our focus this year is to continue building fruitful partnerships with top brands and retailers! We are already partnered with brands in various categories like everyday groceries, home & office, travel & entertainment, utilities and financial services. From making everyday purchases at stores like Walmart, buying sports gear at Under Armour, or buying a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card for a night out, our goal is to offer a greater selection to our users.

Look below for an overview of how a partnership works:

To learn more about how advertising with FlipGive works, visit our site here.

We have a process for vetting and onboarding merchants and are always excited to review everyone for affiliate partnerships. Please visit here to be placed in our formal review funnel, and our Merchandising team will get back to you! 

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