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How does FlipGive work?
How does FlipGive work?

Free tools to simplify team money management and lower team fees

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FlipGive is a free team money platform that helps teams simplify money management and lower team fees.

FlipGive has 3 free apps that work together to help sports teams earn money and save countless hours managing team finances.

For coaches and team managers - save time and money so you can focus on the game.

Shop App - Player families shop and earn cash back to offset fees

Budget App - Get a detailed report to reimburse players with remaining funds

For parents or athletes - lower the cost to play without all the hassle.

Shop App - Forget fundraising. Earn cash back for your team on everyday spending with over 700 top brands.

For clubs or leagues - Get insights and control of team finances across your organization.

โ€‹Budget App - Track your team's financial health throughout the season

Shop App - Help teams offset their fees with cash back on everyday purchases

If you still have questions, click below to book a free call or get an online demo on how any of our FlipGive products best fit your team!

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