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How do I make changes to the payment information?
How do I make changes to the payment information?
Need to edit your existing payment information? We can help
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If you need to make changes to your team's Payment Info after it's been approved, you can submit a request to change the Payment Method and Payment Info details.

Here's how:

1. Visit the Funds > Select Withdrawals

2. Click on Withdraw Funds

3. On the Confirm Withdrawal page, select the changes you'd like.

A) If you choose to 'Change to bank transfer to get your funds faster', you'll be taken through the steps to link a bank account to set up a direct deposit.

B) If you want to make changes to a previously submitted Payment Information, click on the 'Update Payment Method' link, From here you'll be taken back to the Payment Info details page to make the updates.
C) If you're simply looking to submit a request to withdraw your team's funds, click on the Withdraw Funds button.

Reviewing your payment information:

After your changes have been submitted for approval, review that the payment information one last time before clicking the 'Withdraw Funds' button. There is a $40 fee for 'stop payments' applied to any requests to cancel or reissue a processed payment requested for checks. If changes need to be made to your payment information after you have initiated a check withdrawal request and before it's been processed, we kindly ask that you contact [email protected].

Processed Bank Transfers cannot be canceled:

Payments made via bank transfers cannot be canceled. Unlike checks, once your funds have been deposited into a bank account, they cannot be canceled. Edits to banking information will only be permitted if a bank transfer is unsuccessful, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

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