Review and approve submitted budget plans
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Once you've setup a template and invited team managers to complete their team budget come back every few days and login to your club/league admin to check on the status of your team's budget plans.

It is recommended that you notify your team managers and give them a deadline to submit their budget plans by to ensure every team completes their task.

Review Budget Plans

You can check the status of budget plans by clicking on the budget plan tab.

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Every budget plan has a status field. Budgets can be in one of 5 possible statuses:

  • NEW - has not been updated as of yet

  • PENDING - has been submitted for review

  • REJECTED - has been rejected and sent back to team manager to update

  • APPROVED - has been approved

  • COMPLETED - has been approved and acknowledged by team manager

We suggest you come back every few days to check on the budget plans to review any which are in PENDING state. Click on the REVIEW button to bring up the team's budget plan.

You have 3 options when reviewing a budget plan:

  • Comment - add a comment for the team manager, this doesn't change the status of the budget plan

  • Reject - rejects the budget plan and notifies the team manager that it has been rejected. You will be required to provide an additional comment to explain the reason for the rejection

  • Approve - approves the budget plan and notifies the team manager.

When reviewing the budget plan make sure you review both the EXPENSES and INCOME tabs to make sure it aligns with your expectations.

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