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What is FlipGive Budget?
What is FlipGive Budget?

Save time, build trust and keep everyone on your team up-to-date!

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Save time and your sanity this season by using FlipGive budget app to plan and then keep track of your team finances for the year. There are a number of headaches that the FlipGive Budget App solves for you:


No More

With FlipGive Budget

Tracking down emails and receipts

Where is that receipt? You said you sent me a deposit? Trial-and-error and scrambling for back-of-napkin notes.

Centralized place to log all deposits and spend along with reminders and how-to-guides to make it simple even for first-time budgeters

Tracking progress against income and expense plan

Manually transcribing receipts and calculating totals

Link your team bank account for automatic tracking

Collect team fees

Hounding players for money over and over

Set your payment schedule and players will receive relevant reminders

Create and share reports

Spending countless hours on spreadsheets with complicated formulas

Generate a shareable report in one click

FlipGive Budget consists of 3 main features


Before your season starts, setup a plan by listing all of your income and expenses for the season. FlipGive will suggest some popular categories to help you along as well as suggest tips for you to save money.

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Fee Reminders

Once you've setup a plan your expenses will typically outweigh your income. Use the fee planner and reminder tool to add your players and setup a fee schedule to cover the difference. Once you invite family members for each player they will receive a reminder of upcoming and overdue fees that they have to pay, saving you time and the headache of following up.

Auto-reminders will be sent to player families until you deposit funds from them.

Player Fees FlipGive 2022-08-03 at 5.40.31 PM


You can track funds by adding transactions manually or automatically via linking your team's bank account. This will pull in transactions regularly and prompt you to assign them to your budget plan categories.

Activity FlipGive 2022-08-03 at 5.53.09 PM

As you continue to assign transactions throughout the year your home page reports will keep you up to date on your progress - cash flow charts will let you know in advance when you're going to into the red and spending summaries will give you a breakdown of income and expenses. Finally a detailed player breakdown will help you quickly see how every player family is tracking.

Budget FlipGive 2022-08-03 at 5.55.12 PM

With all of these reports you can stay on top of your team's finances and share them with others to build trust and transparency on your team. FlipGive makes it easy!

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