FlipGive is a team money platform that helps teams simplify money management and lower team fees.

It consists of 3 free tools that work together to help sports teams earn money and save countless hours managing team finances.

For Team Treasurers, Team Managers, or Coaches - save time and money so you can focus on the game.

Shop App - families earn thousands in cashback from everyday shopping to offset fees.

Budget App - saves time with an easy budget experience that simplifies spreadsheets, paper trails, and chasing down fees.

Bank App - a team spend card that allows you to keep your personal transactions separate.

For Parents or Athletes - lower the cost to play without all the hassle.

Shop App - lower the cost to play without having to do car washes or bake sales. Simply shop for the things you’re already buying from all your favorite brands and earn on groceries, apparel, home, sports and outdoor gear, electronics, travel, dining, and more.

Budget App - View your team's budget and get reminded when it's time to pay your fees online.

For Club or League administrators - a free, flexible, all-in-one money solution for your teams.

Shop App - helps teams offset their fees by earning cashback on everyday shopping and team purchases.

Budget App - Track your teams’ financial health throughout the season and streamline team budgeting with templates and reports.

Bank App - offer team spends cards that earn 1% back and see how teams are spending their money to limit mistakes and mismanagement.

If you still have questions, click below to book a free call or get an online demo on how any of our FlipGive products best fits your team!

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