Reloadable gift cards have arrived at FlipGive and they are one of the best ways to earn cashback over time. Set it once, and with every reload, your team will earn funds automatically!

Find and manage your cards within the FlipGive Wallet and email

Simply purchase a reloadable gift card on the FlipGive store, choose your reload threshold and when your card’s balance goes below your threshold value, the card will be topped-up to its full amount (**it's important to note that the reload occurs the following night, not immediately when it reaches $0).

For example, imagine that you purchase a $100 reloadable gift card and set the reload threshold to 50% ($50). You make a purchase of $55 using the gift card, and the balance of your card goes down to $45. The next night, FlipGive will charge your payment method $55 and top your card back up to its full amount of $100.

A breakdown of Reload Settings:

  • Autoload - You can turn this on or off to enable/disable reloading.

  • Reload When Balance Drops Below - You can customize the threshold at which a reload will happen.

  • Cashback Will Be Sent To - You can update the team that will receive cashback when a reload happens.

  • Payment Method - You can update the payment method that will be charged for your reload.

How to make changes on Reload Settings:

  1. On your FlipGive Wallet, click into a Reloadable Gift Card.

  2. Click on “Reload Settings” to update your card settings.

  3. Click on the “Save” once you're happy with the changes. (**Remember, reloads happen on a nightly basis so any settings that you updated will be reflected within the next 24 hours)

Do I earn only on the first initial purchase of an Esso Reloadable Gift Card?

No - That's the greatest benefit and comfort of the reloadable card! With every reload, you earn AUTOMATICALLY. Set it and forget it, it doesn't get easier than that.

Can I use the Esso Reloadable Gift Cards right away?

You got it. As soon as you purchase and receive the cards on your FlipGive Wallet, they are immediately available for use on your laptop/desktop, mobile web, and the FlipGive app. All egift cards purchased through FlipGive will be available directly from:

  1. An email with a link to the eGift card will be sent to your email.
    (Will add this image in once we have the email template completed)

  2. The FlipGive Wallet from your FlipGive account.

Important details to keep in mind for all gift cards:

The terms and conditions, as well as how they can be redeemed will vary by retailer. This means it's very important to fully review these details before you complete your order. Gift cards are final sale, and are not eligible for refunds or exchange. You can see all the details on the link to the gift card in question.

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