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What are the benefits of using FlipGive for my organization?
What are the benefits of using FlipGive for my organization?

Get insights and control of team finances across your organization.

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Sports clubs/leagues can use FlipGive Clubs/Leagues to get unique insights and administrative controls of team finances across the organization.

FlipGive has three apps that help make your job easier:

FlipGive Banking

Limit financial mistakes and mismanagement with team banking

  • Provide your teams a secure, no-fee team banking accounts in an instant

  • Offer spend cards that earn 1% cash back on all team expenses

  • Centralize team spending keeping funds separate from personal or club accounts

FlipGive Budget

Track your teams financial health throughout the season

  • Review and approve budget plans at the beginning of each season

  • Monitor team spend with real-time graphs and charts

  • Make it easy for teams to schedule team fees online

FlipGive Shop

Help teams offset their fees with cash back on everyday purchases

  • Teams earn buying groceries, travel, dining, apparel - over 700 brands

  • No more time-consuming fundraisers

  • Full visibility into team earnings throughout the season

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