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I didn't earn the full percentage I should have for my purchase
I didn't earn the full percentage I should have for my purchase

Variable rates - what are they?

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Every brand on FlipGive gives back a different amount. Additionally, did you know that some brands give back at a variable rate? Here's what it means.

This means that brands will offer a different cash-back percentage depending on the category or item(s). Let's take Nike as an example that's displayed to give 12%. If we review the details of Nike, there don't seem to be variable rates offered.

Let's look at a different example now with HP.

HP gives back UP TO 5%. This means that the highest give-back you can earn is 5%, while other specified categories or items may offer a different amount.

  • The Variable Cash Back Rates section shows us that purchasing a Personal Laptop from HP will earn you 3%, and not 5%. 

If the items or order you placed with a brand that offers variable rates was still incorrectly credited towards your transaction, our Customer Support team can assist with reviewing your order. Please send a copy of your order confirmation email to [email protected] along with the Activity # on your Shopping Trips page and our team will happily review the details.

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