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How do I change the team captain/owner?
How do I change the team captain/owner?

Pass on the responsibility to the next manager.

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You've done a great job leading your team, the time's come to pass the torch to someone else! To begin, ensure the new team captain has joined the team. If this person has not yet joined the team, go ahead and invite them to join before proceeding to the next steps.

*Did you know you can also add co-captains to your team? Learn more here

Let's get started:

1. Click on your team name in the top left corner. Under Team Settings, click on Manage Roster:

2. Next, select the player you'll be reassigning as the captain. Click on the 3 small dots next to their name, and select Make Captain.

Once you click on confirm, the new Captain will gain access to team funds (submitting and withdrawing the teams' funds), making changes to the team's profile and setting. Thanks for all your work!

Did you know that you can also add co-captains to your teams? Co-captains allow other folks on your team to have the same administrative access.

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