If you've received a message that your claim has been denied, there could be one of four reasons.

1. A coupon code was used outside of what is offered through FlipGive.

The coupon codes we list on the site are the only ones that are sure to work with the cash back offer. If there are codes to use, they show up on the yellow band by the 'Shop Now' button.

2. The date of the shopping trip on this claim does not match the purchase date in the order confirmation email.

Check your receipt! The date needs to be on the same day (or at least slightly after) the visit recorded from FlipGive. You'll see it on the left side on the 'My Activity' menu.

3. The item purchased was on the retailer's exclusion list.

At the bottom of the pop-up window (below the coupons) you'll see if there are any exclusions to the offer. If you click through and buy one of these things, you unfortunately still will not get cash back.

In this example, I bought gift cards from Walmart, or picked up items in-store, I would not qualify for cash back.

4. Loyalty points or rewards cash was used to to pay for a portion of this purchase.

Using a points program (like ScoreCard, or Fan Cash, or similar) will disqualify you for cash back. You can still collect the point, and we recommend waiting until you can pay or the entire purchase with them. That way you maximize your team's earnings AND your savings.

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