Q: I submitted my claim/wrote into Customer Support but haven't heard anything back.
A: Following the retail season, this is when the FlipGive elves are scurrying to get back to all of our customers as soon as we can. With a higher than normal volume of requests/claim submissions, please expect up to 5 business days to hear back from our team. If you need immediate assistance you can reach us by phone at 1-844-GET-FLIP (1-844-438-3547) from Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM EST. 

Q: Am I supposed to submit a claim for every single visit I see on My Activity page where it says 'claim'?

A: No. The My Activity page is where all the visits you've made through FlipGive gets tracked. It's similar to a browser history, you could call it the FlipGive shopping history! Each retailer issues cash back at different times, while some  might give back after 24 hours, some might give back after 3 days. Once the allotted time has passed, the claim option will appear. You only need to submit ones for which you did NOT receive cash back for. 

Q: What is the wait time I should expect once I withdraw my funds?

A: With Holiday shopping hitting it's peak, many customers are making large purchases, along with various returns. The clearing period during the off season is 14 days. However, during the peak season, it's extended to 30 days. This is to accommodate instances where a user makes a purchase, receives credit from FlipGive, withdraw their funds raised, and then returns their initial purchase. This extension has been put in place as a security precaution. The 30 day holding period will return to it's original 14 days on February 1st, 2018.

Q: I'm noticing minus dollars earned in my team weekly emails/funds tab. Is FlipGive taking money away?
A: This is an important question and one that would raise the hairs on my neck too! The simple answer is, returns! Tis the season where we're doing a lot of shopping, or ourselves and for others. Meaning, there are bound to be returns, and more of it during this time. When returns are made from yourself or any of your teammates, the cash back earned for that item will also get reversed. Visit your funds tab and you can see which ones were effected. :)

Q: I don't think I received the full cash back amount for my purchases.
A: Please note that whenever you see the communication of 'up to X%', it means that X is displaying the highest give back for that brand. Meaning, depending on what category your purchase falls under, it may give back less. For any brands displaying 'up to X%', you will be shown a list of exclusions to show you exactly what categories give back what amount. 

Q: How can I remove team members from my team?
A: Simply let our Customer Support team know which teammates you'd like removed under which team at support @ flipgive. com. 

Q: Can I change the owner of my team?
A: Simply let us know which teammate on your current team you'd like to be the new team owner and we can make it happen. 

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