Creating a New Team

If you are the team manager and are just starting to use FlipGive, creating a new team is simple. Start off by clicking the 'Create New Team' button.

  1. Fill out the 'Team Name'. This is what is displayed when people search for your team. You can always change this by going under the 'Team Edit' page.
  2. Select the 'Type of Team' you are fundraising for. From sports, to education, to personal goals, there's a list for you to go through!
  3. Select the 'Country' you are based in.

Finish off by clicking the 'Create Team' button and you're all set! You will have the option to invite members to your team, but if you aren't ready to do that quite yet, you can always come back to that. Click continue and you will be taken to an tutorial video.

Joining an Existing Team

If you just created an account with the intent of joining an existing fundraising campaign, simply click the 'Join Existing Team' button.

Use the search bar to look up your team by name, or use the different tags to sort by the type of team. Once you find the team want to join, click on the team and you'll be taken to the team's store front.

Locate the 'Join this Team' button in the top right corner. Please note that you will be prompted to enter a 6 digit join code, which you must request for an existing member of the team!

Once you have an account and you are part of a team, you're all set to earn cash back. Check out our shopping tips here

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