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Gift Card Processing Fee

Gift card processing fee explained

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Gift card transactions include a $0.30 processing fee to cover payment processing costs. FlipGive is working on adding a free ACH option without fees.

I've used FlipGive before and never saw this charge, why are you applying a processing charge now?

FlipGive is in the process of switching to a new payment partner, during this transition a processing charge on gift card transactions is applied at checkout. However, we are also working on adding a free ACH option that will not include a fee, providing an additional payment option. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

I purchased an auto-reloadable gift card, will the processing fee apply to each reload?

The processing fee applies only to the initial purchase of a reloadable/auto-reloadable gift card. Any subsequent manual/auto-reloads will not include a processing fee.

Do you have the option to add multiple gift card brands or denominations within a single order to avoid paying several processing fees?

At the moment, FlipGive doesn't allow the addition of multiple gift cards or different denominations within one order. We’re in the process of adding a free ACH option that will eliminate fees. Meanwhile, if you want to gift gift cards, it's best to stick to one brand and a single denomination to avoid incurring multiple processing fees.

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