FlipGive Virtual Banking Card

Start using your FlipGive Banking App faster with Virtual Cards directly from your mobile wallet

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  1. Virtual Cards vs Physical Cards

    What are the differences and which is better? Virtual cards work exactly like your physical bank card—they just live in your digital wallet on your phone instead of your physical wallet. Secured by encryption, they offer a safe and convenient way to pay online and in-store.

    Virtual cards are only numbers. There is no physical plastic card. A Virtual Card can be used online or in-store by adding it to your phone's mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay). Physical Cards can be used for both online and in-store purchases.

  2. How do I start using my virtual card?

    Simply make a deposit to your FlipGive banking account to activate your card. You can use your virtual card immediately by shopping online or adding it to your mobile wallet once your deposit settles and your account has a positive balance.

  3. I don't want a virtual card.

    By default, every account is given a virtual card to enable spending and allows you to start earning online. If you do not wish to keep your virtual card active, you can put a freeze on the card under the Virtual section of the Card tab.

4. Can I also have a physical card?

Absolutely! From the Card tab, you can request a physical card to be mailed. Please note, that the card numbers on the physical card will be different than the virtual card but point to the same account.

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