How can I delete a team member?

It's always sad to say goodbye.

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Team captains or team co-captains can delete team members at any time. It's important to note that team members deleted from your Roster on the Shop App will also be reflected on your Budget App.
*Co-captains cannot delete other co-captains from the team.

Here's how:
1. Click on your team name at the top left corner

2. Next, under your Team Settings, select Manage Roster.

3. From your roster, If you are the captain or a co-captain, simply click on the menu icon (with 3 dots) on the desired team member and select 'Delete'. Any funds earned will still be calculated in your team's total earnings and listed at the very bottom of your roster under 'Deleted Players'.

Remember, any deleted team members on the Shop App will also reflect on the Budget App if you're using it for your team.

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