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Frequently asked questions about the FlipGive Banking App.

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Q: Is FlipGive a bank?

FlipGive is not a bank. FlipGive is a fintech company that partners with banks to offer FDIC-insured spending accounts and debit cards for teams.

Q: How long does it take for my deposit to process into my account?

There is a 5-business-day holding period for check and cash deposits through All Point ATMs.

Deposits made after 3:00 PM EST, on a weekend or holiday will be processed the following business day. Upon clearance, the funds will become available right away.

Q: What is the daily POS limit on my FlipGive Banking Account?
The daily max limit is $5,000 per day. Full terms of service are available here.

Q: Will I have the ability to write someone a check from a FlipGive banking app?

You can deposit a check into your FlipGive bank account by taking a picture of it (please ensure you submit a photo of both the front and back), but writing a check to someone else from your FlipGive bank account is not available at this time.

Q: Will the account be able to do e-transfers?
Yes, you will be able to add an account to a team address book and send money via ACH transfer. You cannot however debit funds from an external account - instead, you'll be presented with routing numbers which can be shared with parents and others to deposit funds into the FlipGive Banking account.

Q: Can we get the FlipGive banking app if we already have a team bank account
Yes you can, however tracking funds across two different accounts defeats the purpose of simplifying your team's finances - if you are interested in using the FlipGive bank app, what we suggest is to:

  • Use the budget app link activity to connect your existing team bank account and pull down all of your transaction histories

  • Transfer all of your remaining funds in your current bank account over to the FlipGive bank app

  • Go back to the budget app and reconnect the FlipGive bank account to get all of your transaction histories

  • Close your existing team bank account and use the FlipGive bank app for your team for the remainder of the season!

By doing this you will have all of your transactions recorded in one place in the budget app and will be able to take advantage of the cashback from the FlipGive bank app moving forward!

Q: How is my FlipGive account different from a bank account?

Your FlipGive account is an electronic money account. It's entirely online, so you can instantly create and securely manage your team’s account from anywhere. Plus, you earn cash back on every team expense with a team debit card. You can’t get an overdraft or loan and you won’t earn interest.

Q: Where does FlipGive put my money?

Your deposits are held and protected by our Member FDIC partner bank with bank-level security and encryption.

Q: How does the FlipGive Banking App work?

Start by creating your account online in a few minutes. Once your application is approved, you can request a physical spending card (which can take between 7-10 days to deliver), or activate and start using your team's virtual banking card. Simply make a deposit to start using either card right away to start earning 1% back on your team's expense.

Activity reports and monthly statements are easily available to help you track your money all season long. After setup, you can link an existing bank account and transfer funds to your FlipGive account using the routing numbers, or deposit checks.

Q: Am I allowed to set up the FlipGive banking app for my team?

Yes, if you’re responsible for collecting fees and covering costs for the team we’ve made it simple for you to sign up - all you need is some personal information and a sample team document to be up and running in minutes.

Q: Can there be multiple signers on a single FlipGive Banking account?
A: No, currently only one single signer on a FlipGive Banking account is permitted.

Q: How can I be sure my FlipGive account is secure?

Your account is secured with the same encryption standards used by major banks and deposits are FDIC Insured through our partner bank.

Q: Are there fees?

There are no monthly fees. Standard rates or fees imposed by another banking service may apply when transferring funds in and out of your account.

Q: Where is the FlipGive team debit card accepted?

Anywhere! Buy online, in-store, or anywhere Visa™ is accepted. You can also withdraw cash at any ATM that accepts Visa™ debit cards. Withdraw cash at over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs nationwide.

Q: Can I use the FlipGive banking card internationally?

Yes, ISA Fees are 1% and fees are charged on any transaction where the country code is not the USA, regardless of currency.

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