Here are a few quick things you can do to really help get your fundraiser rolling.

  1. Show some Initiative - Be the first person to make a purchase and support your cause! This will inspire confidence in other visitors to your page, and will give you some experience with FlipGive so that you can better explain to other supporters

  2. Invite your team - Invite your volunteers, friends, and family to join your efforts through the 'Team' tab. Being a part of the team will greatly increase the motivation and sense of responsibility to help raise funds.

  3. Shop regularly - Every time someone shops through your FlipGive page you earn money back. It's important to remind friends and family to try and shop through your Team Page, as opposed to buying those same items elsewhere.

  4. Share your Team Page - Share your Team through Facebook, Twitter and Email to spread the word and gain support.

Get more ideas on how to raise money for your team at FlipGive stories:

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