As the team Captain, inviting team members to join your team is the next most important step after creating your team and setting your team's fundraising goal. Let's go through the simple steps on how to create your Team.

To help guide you, we've laid out 3 important steps. Each step is clickable, so you'll get directed right where you need to go. As you tackle these steps, they'll be marked completed with an orange checkmark to make your progress.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Shop & Earn

After speaking with hundreds of Captains, we learned that the best way for them to explain and learn how FlipGive works, is by trying it out themselves first! I always recommend purchasing a digital gift card as a first purchase, since they are the quickest way to see your first cashback come through!

Step 2: Invite Team

To start, you'll be asked how the funds for your team will be tracked and distributed.

  • Player - Each player will have their own fundraising goal. You can easily track and reconcile funds raised by Player.

  • Team - With one overall shared goal, all the funds raised by team members are pooled together for the team.

*Note, both options are paid out in a single payment at withdrawal. The Player option does not pay out individually to each Player but instead reports earnings by Player so that you track and distribute funds.

Select Team and we'll go through the next steps.

Next, click on Invite Team. A window will pop up to show you a preview of the invitation you'll be sending to your family and friends. To customize and make edits to this template, click on Preview and Send.

Your email client will open up where you can make any changes to the invitation. Enter the contacts of family and friends you want to support your team and click send!

And there you have it! You've now created your Team and invited your team members to join. You should now see an orange checkmark on Step 2 for Invite Team.

Step 3: Submit Payment Info

To finish setting up your team, follow these simple steps on How to Submit your team's Payment Info.

If you have any other questions or concerns, we kindly ask that you contact our Support team via phone, email, or chat.

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