Card-linked offers ending May 1st, 2023:

Please note that our partnership with Figg, the card-linked provider will be ending on May 1st, 2023. The program will be shut down effective this date. While you will no longer be able to earn in-store using your linked card, you can continue to earn with gift cards through FlipGive to complete your in-store purchases!

We thank you for using FlipGive's card-linked program and hope to have some new in-store options available for you soon!

**The linked In-store offer program is currently only available only for US residents

1. Link your eligible linked payment card

Ensure you're on the latest version of the app and link your card to your FlipGive account.

2. Find your favorite retailers

Search for your favorite retailers by using the 'Nearby' or 'All Brands' tab from your FlipGive store. Participating merchants with in-store offers will have a 'Shop In-Store' link for you to select.

Note: if a participating merchant has an in-store offer, verify that the location you are planning to visit is eligible to earn cashback. The "Shop In-Store" option will only be shown for eligible locations.

3. Activate the offer

Click on 'Shop In-Store', then on the 'Activate Offer. You will see a confirmation screen registering your visit. All offers must be activated to receive the full cashback amount. You will have 48 hours to make a qualifying purchase.

Once you have completed transaction in-store using your linked card, you'll earn funds back to your team! While most givebacks are instant, some merchants may take up to 48 hours for the earnings to post.

If you notice you still have not seen the earnings for your in-store purchases, simply reach out to our support team at [email protected] and we will happily verify your purchase and credit your account. Please hold onto any receipts as we will need to review them to verify eligibility.

Keeping Track of your Activated Offers

To keep track of all the offers you've activated and the cash back you've earned, visit the 'Shopping Trips' section under your User Settings on the top right corner of your home page.

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