Online shopping vs. Linked Credit Cards, do you earn back differently?

Online shopping and shopping in-store are done differently, but you are earning for your FlipGive team(s) the same way. Meaning, whether you're shopping online or through the Card Linked program, all your earnings contribute to your current active team.

Card Linked Offers

Once you link your eligible payment card(s) with FlipGive, you can start earning cash back for all your in-store purchases at participating restaurants and retailers right away. You’ll receive a push notification to your mobile device and an email right at check out (TBD once we confirm Rewards Program reconciliation) to confirm your cash back earnings. Please note that Card Linked Offers are eligible only for in-store purchases and separate from your online shopping done through the app or desktop.

Online Shopping

Shop online with any of our available merchants through the FlipGive store to earn cash back. You can also purchase gift cards online through FlipGive to then use in-store. Please note using gift cards purchase through FlipGive will not earn you cash back for in-store purchases. ONLY those made using your linked payment card will earn you cash.


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