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How do supporters donate to my FlipGive team?
How do supporters donate to my FlipGive team?

Donations are just a click away.

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FlipGive makes it easy to share your team link with your supporters.

Here's how:

  1. To start, go to the 'More' tab on your team's home page, and click on the 'Ask Your Fans to Donate

2. Next, simply copy your team's page link and share it with friends and family.

3. From your team's shared link, supporters can contribute the earnings from their online shopping to your team or by simply making a cash donation.

4. If they choose to Shop Online, their cashback earnings from their shopping will be contributed towards your team of the selected player.

5. If they choose to make a cash donation, they can click on 'Donate Now' where they can then choose to donate to a specific member of the team, or to the team.

Please note there is a processing fee for all cash donations, but your team keeps 100% of the donation.

  • USD Donation fee - 2.58%

  • CAD Donation fee - 2.05%

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