With the FlipGive mobile app, sharing your team with your supporters has never been easier! 

Here's how:

  1. To start, go to the 'More' tab on your team's home page, and click on 'Ask Your Fans to Donate button:

2. Next, simply copy your team's share link and ask your fans to donate!

3. Once your team link has been shared, whenever a fan clicks on the link to access your team, they will be taken to your team's public page where they can choose to contribute by shopping or making a donation.

4. If they choose to Shop Online, their cashback earnings will credit your team as a form of donation. If they click on Donate Now they'll be prompted to enter their cc information to make a cash donation to your team.
*For cash donations, A 6% processing fee will be added to the donor based on the amount they are donating to you

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