This is the best part, getting your money!
**Only Team Captains/Owners have access to make this request

Here's how:

  1. Click on the Funds tab on your Team page. 

2.  Click on the Withdraw Funds button as seen below, you'll land on a page where you can then submit your payment information for approval.

3. This is simply to let us know who the payment will be made out to. Your payment information MUST be approved by the Customer Success Team before making the final step of withdrawing your funds (this can take up to one week). After you submit the information to us, it will say $0 funds are available. 

4. You will receive an e-mail stating that we have approved your payment information. 

 You can now make the request, woohoo!

**You must have a minimum of $100 outstanding in your account!

What forms of payment do you offer?

a) E-check via email (you will receive payment within 5 business days of your request). **Not available for Canadian fundraisers
b) Traditional paper check via postage mail (you will receive payment within 10 business days of your request for traditional checks sent by postage.

Why are the funds not made available immediately for withdrawal?

To prevent fraud, there is a 14 day clearing period is to ensure users cannot make a purchase, receive credit from FlipGive, withdraw the funds raised, and then return their initial purchase. 

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